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I tried to create a discount for a product, but at the time when I buy it, the discount does not appear.Shopify has completely abandoned replying to this post and the other one just like it.Just look at the number of complaints and requests on this forum.A bit suprise that Shopify has not already taken care of this.Arrears (or arrearage) is a legal term for the part of a debt that is overdue after missing one or more required payments.

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Any new signups are also receive this new tag when signing up and in turn are now eligble to use the discount.Yeah, you could throw in IP as well, if that is accessible via the API.Would love to use this to encentive people to optin to our mailing list.

You can use multiple coupons on one order, but no more than one coupon per.And in the end, i have customers seeing the loop hole, and for all their purchases, they create a new account with a new email but address and everything is the same, just to get the discount for all their purchases.You need to understand what we are all talking about on this thread and go into the portal to understand why a lot of owners are shouting for the availability of a 1 time per customer discount code.I am presuming that means per. per purchase. i tried to explain that it meant one coupon per item and when I went to show.Also, why is there no way to have coupon codes apply to SOME products but not others.We have just launched an app which allows a single coupon to be used by multiple customers once each.

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I want to offer a discount to first-time customers and there is no way around it.That being said our developers are working on something for a future release.

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The RR is not designated to any one. you can contact Walgreens Customer Services at 1.

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I have not tested this live, but i believe that once a sale is completed, the guest who checked out will now be added as a customer and will be listed as having made a sale or spent money.Or try to motivate customers finish purchase at checkout page by.It makes me never want to use any of your products, no matter how good they are.The reason why this matters is I want to give away coupon codes to customers to use AND give away to a friend.With this conditions, if you delete the tag of a specific custormer, he will be removed from the group.The presence of a third-party trademark does not mean that Coupon Sherpa has any.

I want to be able to advertise my code to my customers so they can just enter it during checkout.Rolling points means that points do not expire on December 31st but are good for 12 months from the time of.I have wasted so much time and money with this shopping cart:(.As of right now I see options to limit the amount of times the coupon can be used, but that goes for a whole and not once per customer.Use the Staples.com Help Center to find answers to your questions about customer service issues like orders,.In most cases threshold delivery means the item will be delivered.

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However, i faced issues of customers creating multiple accounts in order to use the one-time discount code.We printed 10000 promo cards with the same code on them, these sit on the counter of the trade shows and other external events, some customers choose to buy on the day and some go home to think about it as we all do, but taking a card with them.I believe this solves the majority of issues faced in this forum.

Jacob, the current one time designation only works if the code is literally only used one time, by one person.This is so basic and just another let down I have found with Shopify - the other being no store credit facility.I can clarify that I 100% was able to do this with Woocommerce for Wordpress.

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The presented workarounds are needlessly cumbersome, and only solve the problem in a limited number of situations.You can pull in products from different categories and set a percentage or dollar amount discount that applies to all the products you select.Multiple Gift Cards may be combined into one Gift Card by contacting customer.The customer groupong option seems reasonable, except for the fact that discounts can only have one filter (customer group, collection, etc.). We have a list of brands that cannot be discounted, so we need to use that as the filter for the discount.I just implemented it on a new site, and it is very powerful.